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Hi There! Keeping with the removable insert theme (so you can still read the story) I made this around the page book page double pocket. Each side has a double pocket and its held in place with a decorated paper clip. Heres how to make it.

Youll need three book pages to make this insert, one large one and two smaller ones.

Fold the bigger one in half. It should be as wide as the smaller pages. If not, find a larger one, or tear down the smaller book pages to fit.

Fold up the bottom of the small book page to create a pocket. Optionally, ink all the edges, then glue the sides of the pocket. Next glue 3 sides of the smaller book page to the larger one. Be sure the fold of the larger book page is on the left side.

You can make the other side the same, but I decided to make a different version. Fold the top left corner down. Place glue along the right side, then fold the triangle section down. Instead of two horizontal pockets I now have a slanted pocket with a horizontal pocket behind it. Ink the edges, then glue to the back of the larger folded page.

Now you have two pockets on each side of the wrap around insert.

The tags were made from scrapbook paper. I just cut rectangles to fit the pockets, then punched the two top corners with a shell punch. I also decorated the horizontal pocket with a bit of lace and scrapbook paper.

The clasp is a paperclip decorated with different fibers and ribbons. Just wrapped the insert around the side of the page, then added the paperclip to keep it in place.

I have lots more fun inserts in my Little Mermaid junk journal, so stop back to see them.

Happy Scrapping!

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