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I always describe my Base Card Cardstock as "Elan Metallic." Someone recently asked me what I meant by that.

Elan And Petallics is a brand of "Shimmer or Metallic finish paper. It's typically heavier, usually 85, 95, 105 or 111# weight which makes for a sturdier base card. It's less flexible and holds the weight of the card front paper layers and embellishments much better. I typically put a lot of stuff on the front of my cards and 65# paper is too flimsy. Of course, this is my personal choice.

The disadvantage of a heavier paper is that it may cost more to mail because of the weight.

I buy this paper from the Paper MIll. They have a variety of beautiful colors in both 8.5X11 and 12x12. It's a little more expensive than standard card stock but, the quality and colors are worth it.

Michael's "Recollections" brand shimmer paper is only 65# and is too flimsy for a base card.

Hope this helps those who were wondering about "Elan Metallic."

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