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Journaling reads: When he was young, if you had asked Jerry what he wanted to be when he grew up, he probably would have said a forest ranger. He liked the idea of being outside all day, working in the fresh air, being among the trees, on his own. Well, he didnt get to be a forest ranger, but he became a telephone repairman. In a lot of ways, he still got what he wanted. After picking up his truck from the office in the morning he would head out to his assigned jobs. The one hes working on is this photo was in town, but many times he would be in the countryside, outside in the fresh air, among the trees and on his own for the day. He was one of the few people I know who really enjoyed his job. He was always seeing new places and meeting interesting people. It did bother me some that he worked up amongst all those wires, and for years he either climbed up on a really tall ladder and had to use his climbers (as he was doing here. In the last few years that he worked, he had a bucket truck, which made it easier on his feet and knees, but was still dangerous in its own ways. Over the years he fell off of ladders and poles a few times, but thankfully was never hurt too badly. He was so blessed that his office was mostly the great outdoors.
Over the years that Jerry worked for Southern Bell/Bell South/ATT, his picture was taken several times by our local newspaper. This is one of those photos. This is another layout made from really old stuff and my scrap boxes. Thanks so much for stopping by :)