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Sometimes I need to respond to the clean and graphic side of my creativity. I had these amazing photos from travels and wanted to showcase them collectively as opposed to specific travel albums. This layout also offers an autobiographical aspect of my desire for the line.

The journaling reads: If I had to pick between a circle and a square – I would pick a square. I would say I’m a square of a person – a person drawn to the simplest of geometric forms. Perhaps it’s the sum of all the straight lines that makes a square appealing to my eye or the prospect of what the square can hold or even become. It’s the building block, the foundation in my world of geometry. My eye sees squares, but before the square can be seen, there is the line. The perfect straight line.

In it’s solitude, the line stands strong, the backbone of a geometric mass. The line can be found in all things beautiful; a country landscape with a winding fence, a historical building’s façade, the repetitive rails of a train track. A snapshot’s focus reveals an image with the line, an uncomplicated form, playing center stage.

My eye finds the line in every day life, in ordinary objects often overlooked by its form or function. It’s not hard to recognize - as the line is a proud geometric form waiting to be seen. The line is always there. Can you find the line?