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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Back in February for Valentine's Day, DH and I went to several antique stores in our home town. I found this porcelain boot. I new right away I wanted to alter it into a stick pin cushion.

The last picture shows what it looked like before I altered it. I spent 3 days with paint stripper to remove all the red and green paint from the boot. Once I got all the red and green paint off, I hand painted the flowers and leaves in my signature blue, white and silver.

For the pin cushion, I bought a red tomato pin cushion from HL and removed all the fabric. Inside the cushion is saw dust wrapped in plastic. I removed some of the saw dust and molded it to fit the opening of the boot. Then covered it with blue fabric and white lace. I place the new pin cushion in the opening of the boot and wrapped the bottom edge in pearl lace.

I hand made all the stick pins and the bow on the back.

It was a really fun project even though it was time consuming. It's also a great addition to my scrap room decor.