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This page is a total scrap-lift of Breising's "Rome - Dedication" layout (see

You'll notice Breising has been my inspiration for a LOT of layouts in this Italy-Spain album, and I wish she had visited many other places where I've traveled, because I would love to be inspired by her design layout ideas for those locations as well (but it's probably not fair to put that kind of pressure on her).

The novelty of this page attracted my attention straight-off. I loved how it covered each day in the vacation and launched the tone of the album. It was unusual in that it had no photos, but that made it a great counterpoint to the album pages themselves!

I lightly traced a spiral in pencil on the paper after marking the center of the page and blocking out where the die cut would require space, then I wrote the text in pencil, to make sure I could get everything to fit before writing over the pencil with a permanent-ink, archival quality marker that tracked the events of each day, spiraling down the memories to an unforgettable journey. After the ink was well dried, I used a gentle gum eraser to remove the pencil marks.