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Hi There! Sometimes I like to keep brochures or other ephemera from an event, and add it to the scrapbook layout. Heres one easy way to do that.

On this layout I organized the title and photos on a large banner. Next to the banner I created a large pocket to hold the brochure from the fair. I wanted the brochure title to show, but the rest to be hidden, so I created a pocket tall enough to only show the brochure title.

After attaching the pocket to the layout I decorated it with stickers creating a diagonal line of site on the scrapbook layout.

Now I can pull the brochure out of the pocket if I want to see the various events, but all the busy print on the bottom section of the brochure is hidden on my scrapbook layout.

There are lots of ways to add ephemera to a scrapbook layout. Creating pockets from scrapbook paper is a great technique to use when you dont want all of the ephemera to be seen, but want to be able to remove it.

Happy Scrapping!

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