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Waves of Freedom {Dressed Up} by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs
Create Crate Monthly: Sweet Liberty

journaling: Normally we cant get the boys interested in watching the 4th of July fireworks because its such a pain to get back home afterwards. This year James suggested going out on the boat and watching from the water. They both were interested since it was something different. We went out about 8:00 pm which was probably too early. We started to play some cards on the boat, but it was choppy and both Cody and I started to feel queasy. We drove around a little and then were better. It was really cool watching from the water and nobody was blocking our view. James absolutely LOVED coming back into the piers and up the river because their were zillions of boats and nobody was paying any attention to the no wake zone. Ive never seen the river that choppy! Ha ha! It was fun.

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