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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling: I pretty much LOVE most genres of music, but there is something about these ladies that speak to my soul.I think it is the combination of R&B/ Soul Hip/Hop, and a little bit of Reggae. Each of these women write most of what they sing and you can feel that in your heart as you listen to the lyrics of their songs. They are emotional without being sentimental, devout with touches of gospel beats with out being preachy. They represent the last decade of my life. Starting with Lauryn Hill in my early years of college to Ms. Natasha who gets me going in the morning when I need to start the laundry. Music is a gift and I am so thankful these ladies of soul have had the courage to share thier talents with the world. Their voices are beautiful,strong, and powerful--much like they appear on the outside as well. Where would we all be without the music that we love? I donít even want to think about it.