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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I'm in LOVE with this picture of Henry in the tub. I had to use it to record this thought process. Journaling says:
"There is simply no way any literary definition of this word could even begin to capture how “joy” has been embodied by Henry. I see it every day - enjoyable activities become an exercise in joy unlike anything ever before seen. His whole body vibrates, his eyes go wide with excitement and he roars. A totally exuberant, ear-piercing roar that is all-encompassing.
What’s super cool is that so many things can elicit this response from him. Music of any kind, something yummy at mealtime, the chance to dance, Elmo, The Wiggles, Cherub Wings and, most especially, bathtime. As soon as he hears the bathtub faucet turn on, he shouts “BAAATH!!!” and does everything
he can to get to the tub. When he gets in, he totally freaks out. He grabs at the stream of water with both hands, squealing with delight as the water sprays him in the face. He splashes the water as hard as he can with both hands - roaring & squealing the whole time. He brings his face down to the water line - I’m assuming in an effort to better see it - and then is
surprised when he accidentally gets a mouthful. He giggles with glee when the Spongebob cup of water gets poured over his head - especially when Steven does it. He’s now starting to be steady enough to kneel and reach the toys on the side of the tub, which pleases him to no end. It’s amazing to watch & I’m
so blessed to be able to experience joy through Henry’s eyes. Truly amazing and truly, wickedly cool. Don’t lose it, Henry. It makes you unique & YOU."

Using the Baby Prep kit & Reflections Template #4.