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My dad's birthday is tomorrow, so I did this layout for him. Journaling says,
"Our Pop-Pop. We love him so very much. He’s always got a comfy lap, a great big hug or a cool tool or piece of equipment to check out. Henry loves just snuggling in and comparing eyewear. Steven wants to see and know everything about Pop-Pop’s cars & skid loader. Maggie loves learning stuff from him and having a grandpa who loves her. They all adore visiting him & Mom-Mom in their new house - Henry to play on their cool wood floors, Steven to maybe get a chance to visit the “shed” & Maggie to play with the kitties. Maggie & Steven are thrilled when Grandparent’s Day happens at their school and they can show off their Pop-Pop. Plus, we all know that we’ve got a great defender & supporter in him. We thank God for him."

Using the [url=]Baby Prep kit[/url], [url=]lined notepaper [/url]and [url=]Simple Sketches template #26[/url] from Butternug Squash Designs.