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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This one is really about the journaling...
"What would I do without you?"
"That's a strange questions... Here is a better one: What would you do WITH me until the time comes to think about that?"
Wow. Your question stops me dead in my tracks. What a great, wonderful, eye-opening question. There most certainly will be a day when one of us will be without the other. But we have every moment until that day comes to make the most of what we have right now. That simple question is the exact thing I need to hear as I struggle with a mid-winter rut. What would I do with you while I have the chance?
I would dance with you.
I would take a weekend trip with you; just you, me and life.
I would cook supper with you after a long day.
I would learn something new with you.
I would never miss an opportunity to tell you how much I love you.