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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling: Alaura, I love when your hair is in pigtails. I just wish you felt the same way about the adorable dew. The last time I put your hair in pigtails, I said "I know, how about if I do your hair in pigtails?" You replied in a very sassy tone "UH..NO! I just want a back ponytail" I pleaded with you, "Please, please, please!" You would not be broken "NO, NO, NO!" So, finally I said "I am just going to do it and if you don't like them you can take them out." You gave me an 'Oh..MOM' look and did not say a word. I finished your hair and you proceeded to look in the mirror. One glance at your hair and you crossed both your arms, gave a sigh of disgust and said "THIS IS UNESSEPTABLE!" You yanked the hair ties right out and handed them to me. "Can I have a back ponytail now?" You definitely can get pretty sassy.
Today when it was time to do your hair, I suggested pigtails. It had been a wile since the "unesseptable" dew. And of course you said "NO". I told you it would look really cute and you finally said "OOOOOOKAY". When I finished with your hair you ran right to the mirror, your face lit right up and you said (with a huge smile on your face) "it's BEAUTIFUL, I love it!" You asked if I could take pictures of you, because you looked so pretty. PIGTAILS..I GUESS YOU JUST HAVE TO BE IN THE MOOD.
FEBRUARY 10,2006