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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is for the April RR Scraplift Challenge. We had to pick a song title from the list to use on our layout, I chose "Photograph". I think it also counts for the embellishment challenge, to make all your own embellishments. Everything on this layout was made by me from patterned paper or just drawn. I hand-drew the title!

These are just a bunch of random memories I am making with my son right now :)

Journaling: 73. You tell people, "This is my best friend, Mommy." 682. You come into our room at 2 a.m. and say, "scuse me, you 'quishin me" until we scoot over and let you in. Then you scoot as close to me as you can. 962. We tell each other secrets, usually containing the phrase, "I love you SO much." 514. You cry to me, "I need you take care of me, mommy". 130. If I ever seem down, you pat my back or rub my arm and say, "don't worry, mommy. I'm here. It's OK." 88. You insist on doing things all by yourself, things like opening the car door or putting on your shoes, and you never give up. I love your independence. 751. I give you something like a scrap of paper and you say, "ooh, thank you, thank you, I'm so happy, I love it so much, it's beautiful!" 37. You say, "Awww, you soo cute, mommy!" 395. You bring me little things and say, "I made this special just for you! You like it?"

TFL! :)