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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling: I can imagine that is must be frustrating for you sometimes with your limited communication skills. You came to me and asked for “beeps”…I had no idea what beeps were. You were obviously frustrated with me not clearly understanding what it was that you wanted. I tried food, toys, and even t.v. with each suggestion I gave, I could tell your patience wearing thin. Finally, in a last ditch effort you grabbed your jacket and motioned for us to go to the garage. When we went in…you ran straight towards the bubbles and cried loudly “BEEPS”!!!!

I am so glad we got that one straightened out. WE are working on your pronunciation and I know it will come in time. For now let’s just try to keep being patient with one another. I know we’ll get this down soon enough. You are growing up so fast my little Seaners!

I can hardly believe you are going to be 2 years old next month. You are so full of life and such a joy to be around. Everyone loves being with you and playing with you…anything to get you to smile!

My favorite moment this month was when your older brother was upset about something and you went to the bathroom and brought back a tissue and went over to Alex and starting wiping his tears for him. So young, yet you are already full of love and compassion. It is very special to see your personality grow!

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