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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Many of you know that we faced a HUGE scare the past couple of weeks with our dog Duke. His hind legs stopped working and we did not know what was going on with him, or if we were going to lose him. After a trip to the neurologist, it was discovered that he had a 'stroke' in his spinal cord which caused him to lose function in those legs. Now, 3 weeks later he is on the mend and can stand on his own about 60% of the time. We are VERY lucky and VERY thankful to have him in our home still! This is a layout that I did during that time when we weren't sure what was happening to him. I handstitched around the photo to make a pocket for the journaling tag which reads:

I begged and I prayed, for one more day with you. Those prayers
were answered, though we don't know for how long. It is gut
wrenching to watch such a stoic and proud animal whimper
for the help you need just to stand up. We see the light still
gleaming in your eyes, we see the spirit of a puppy ever present
in your sweet face. We are selfishly not ready to say goodbye to
our protector, our friend, our baby whom we have loved and who
has loved us honestly and completely your entire life. Tears pour
from my eyes at the very thought of a single day passing without
you in our home.My sweet Dukers, so long as that light dances in
your eyes we will be fighting for your life and doing what it takes to
make you better. We will be holding on to hope, we will be holding
on to you.
We love you sweet boy.

*Update* I am so heartsick to have to say, we lost our angel boy tonight. 7/26/07

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