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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

When my niece got married last June, she used my grandmother's engagement ring as her something borrowed and something old. When we were going through the wedding photos, these three just popped out at me, begging to be scrapped!

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Title: font, Monotype Corsiva; The Ring
Journaling: font; Monotype Corsiva
Today, as you walk down the aisle,
You will wear a very precious ring.

Not just any ring, but your
Great Grandmother's engagement ring.
Your Grandpa gave it to Uncle Paul
to give to me when we got engaged.
I wore Nana's ring on my right hand
during my wedding ceremony, just like
you will do today.

Nana's ring has been through a lot.
The depression, WWII, The first man
on the moon and disco! Through all
of these years, this ring has had one
job. To be a symbol of everlasting love.
I hope that as you stand with Ryan today
you can feel the love from your Great
Grandmother, Grandfather and me.