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Journaling: For as long as I can remember, Frank & I wanted an English Bulldog. We made the decision in 2002 to finally get one. We researched breeders until we found Parker. He was born 11/3/2002, and he was perfect! Frank had to leave for Afghanistan the end of November, but I was confident that I could handle it on my own. Then we found out I was pregnant! I picked up Parker 12/14/2002... and was scared of what I was in for. Thankfully I had close friends willing to lend me a hand. Frank came home 6 months later to a round wife and a half grown bully! Olivia came along August 2003, and poor Parker was in constant "time out". I was sure Olivia's first words would be "stop it Parker"! Unfortunately, Frank continued to travel a lot with work, and I found that I couldn't do it all on my own. We made the tough decision to find Parker a new home. Our Vet. Tech loved him and wanted him to join their family, so she adopted him in December 2003. He died a couple of weeks later during a routine neuter surgery, from congestive heart failure. I was devastated when they let me know. The guilt eats at me today... I always wonder "what if we would have kept him?" I know it would have turned out the same... but it doesn't make it any easier. I still miss him.