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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This layout created by using a monochromatic color scheme!

Ds's favorite color is green so this is a tribute to him!
Journaling: Such a serious face!!! I don't always capture you in this mood, but you do it a lot. It's almost like you are day dreaming, but I can tell it is deeper than that, much more serious thinking and planning are going on. I hope whatever it is your are "dreaming" about that you follow your dreams and don't waste time worrying. Your mom already does enough of that for the both of us.

Green Papers by Katie the Scrapbook Lady here at acherryontop
Whimsical Green stitches, paper crown, and ruffle: "On a Whim" by Julie Mead here at acherryontop
Twinkle star circle "Fancy Girl Twinkling star Brushes" by Julie Mead acherryontop
Laundry Labels Boys addition: Traci Reed acherryontop
"Simply Stitching--Little bits of white" Christine Nash acherryontop
Instant Sparkle Overlays by Gypsy Chick acherryontop
Other credits:
Beautiful Dreamer word art: Robin Carlton sweetshoppedesigns
Jean Pocket "Leroy Brown" by Carole Neale and Beth Hesselberg DigiScrapShak
Raffia bow and ribbon by Manu Zimmerman DigiScrapShak
Colour blocking templates vol 6. by Carole Neale DigiScrapShak
Font:Another Type Writer