Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I finally coaxed my ds into a tinsy winsy baby pool and he LOVED it! lol. Hope you like!

Journaling reads: With hesitation at first, you finally got in this pool [which at most held 4 inches of water]. You reluctantly sat in it for a moment and looked at me like, “Mom, you know I hate water when it’s not in the bathtub!” I tried my best to assure you it was just like bath time, only a lot cooler because you were outside. We gave you every bath toy we had between you and Blakeleigh....finally, you started to get the whole “swim thing”. You loved it! You played for nearly an hour and didn’t think twice about staying in by yourself when Blakeleigh had had enough. Your poor little feet definitely showed signs of a good swim and you definitely enjoyed yourself. I’m so glad my little one.