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This layout was created for the May Challenge "DO YOURSELF JUSTICE". These photos are from various times in my life up to and including the photo taken of me with my DGD April 2007 with the Easter Bunny in Columbus Ohio. HIDDEN JOURNALING reads: By focusing on the positives of my life I came to the conclusion that I have a charmed life. I was a happy baby and loved animals from an early age. Music lessons, in spite of the instrument, contributed to my enjoyment of music, especially singing and dancing. Then I add my loving husband and two grown children to the mix and I am well on my way to feeling complete. The heady feeling of having my original artwork displayed in the prestigious Federal Reserve Bank Gallery in Boston was nothing when compared with the advent of becoming a grandmother. And to have four more grandchildren added to the first has made me positively giddy with the life-affirming joy that it has brought me. I am at my most happy when I am having fun with the grandchildren....including having my picture taken with the Easter Bunny this spring.