Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This was sooo much fun! I got a letter a while back I hadn't written myself in my Senior English class. It was a little project we all did and five years after graduating our teacher mailed them to us. I got mine a couple of months of go and it was just so fascinating to take a "peek" into my 17 year old self. This picture was a senior portrait of mine I scanned, so the quality isn't the greatest. This lo was really about the letter. I hope you like!

Journaling reads:
Well, hello! I feel very awkward writing to myself. By the time I recieve this Iíll be around 21 years old. So. let me tell you a little bit about yourself as a high school senior: Iím 17, I drive a red 96 mustang GT, I have a 3.5 GPA, Iím a cheerleader, I run cross-country (co-captain) and track (5:52 PR), I go to Abundant Life Church, my closest friends are Daffne-Katie-Kendra, I have a calico cat named Gypsie, I love being envolved in school activities, I ran a 13:02 at the state cross-country meet, I was the 2001 Homecoming Queen, my favorite candy is a Kit-Kat, Iím on the National Honor Roll, I was elected to Whoís Who Among American High School Students, My nickname is ďBananaĒ, my Freshman year we were the Bloomer Bowl Champs (The FR BALLARS), I was secretary of our Junior class, Iím Parish Champ in the 1 mile and 2 mile, Iím 2nd in District in cross-country, The Girls cross-country team placed third at state (one point away from SSA), I ran 15th in the State for cross-country, the cheerleading squad placed 1st in parish-1st in the twist-N-shout-3rd at Regionals-and weíre going to NATIONALS (hello Mickey!), I love to imitate ďCarlaĒ from the movie ďThe Other SisterĒ, I wake up every morning for school at 5:40, My youth pastor is Greg Beatty, I sometimes dye my hair the color ďcloveĒ, Iím currently growing my hair really long, I love to read my bible, I want to name my girl Mackenzie and my boy Christian, My brothers live in Colorado Springs, and most of all I love to make people smile and feel good about themselves. I try my hardest to be a good Christian and a good person. I always put God first in my life. Itís all about him. I love to be around others and be involved. I love to make people laugh and I love to even laugh myself. I very rarely have bad days, but I do worry alot. Hanna, donít stress on things. Life gives you many trials and tribulations that you must go through to grow and mature. Strength often comes from your failures in the past. God hasnít given you a problem he doesnít know how to solve already. When your head is down and you feel like giving up- look up - you may just be inches from reaching your goal. As of right now, I aspire to be a Kindergarten teacher, Iím most likely going to end up going to Southeastern (SLU). I plan on going to college, graduate, start working and while Iím working got to school to get my masters and my PhD. I hope by the time I read this again I have found my niche in life. Good Luck in all you do. Remember the good times.