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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This one's all about the thought process that went through my head as I snapped this picture. Journaling says, "You fell asleep with a crayon in your hand. Rather unusual, as youíre just starting to be comfortable holding them. Just starting to attempt to draw & write. It was so new to see this. I wonder....was it just a chance thing, or does it mean something? Will you be taken with art? Will you express yourself through drawing or painting or sculpting? Will you be a person who craves & searches for color in the world? Will you be awed by Godís palette? Will color in the world make you stop & stare - appreciating the little things? Whatever it is, thereís no doubt about one thing. You will color the world just by being in it. Everyone you meet and everywhere you go will be a little more colorful for having known you. For you ARE color. Youíre filled with it. It oozes out of you. Because thatís the way God made you, Henry. Always know that. Keep dreaming in color."

Using Strappleberry Lime from Butternug Squash. Green ribbon by Natalie Braxton (recolored).