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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

My daughter & her friend from school. Journaling says, "Maggie & Julia have been friends since kindergarten. It’s been really nice to watch them grow up together. Now that they’re finishing up the 3rd grade, it’s obvious that they’re becoming lovely young women. They have the normal elementary school issues - sometimes they’re the closest & best of friends & other times they fight & disagree because they have different opinions about things. The wonderful thing is that they are both such kind girls with good hearts that, even if they aren’t the closest & best of friends, they’re still friendly.
I pray that as the years continue that they can continue being close & grow into Godly women together."

I made the solid plum paper & the tan paper behind the library card brush.
Riveting Ribbon by Natalie Braxton
Template by Janet Phillips
Everything else is from Michelle Coleman's Antique Garden kit.