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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Man...thought this one was going to be simple. This took me days to finish. Couldn't get it quite right. Journaling says, "I see so much in this picture, Maggie. Approaching the end of your childhood, but not yet an adolescent, you combine all the different characteristics. You still believe in the magic found in the world. You seek out the good and the true in things - believing it will out. You believe in the power of wishes on stars and dandelion fuzz. Of wishes made on birthday candles, as long as you donít tell. I see you in this picture, blowing away the dandelion fuzz and Iím speechless. Yes, youíre beautiful, but itís so much more than that. There is something about the way your heart works that leaves me breathless. The way you believe in righteousness and justice and the good guy winning. Itís beautiful to see that part of you hasnít been hardened yet. The days will come, my girl, when the knocks brought by life will knock the wind out of your sails. When you realize that whatís fair isnít always what happens, whatís right isnít always what triumphs and what we wish for doesnít come true. I know those days will be difficult for you. I pray that you will remember how simple it was, once upon a time. That you wonít let heartache & disappointment destroy your belief in yourself. For there is still magic in the world. Sometimes we just forget to see it. Itís in those times that I will wish a dandelion for you. That you will pick it up, take a deep breath, and blow. Never give up. Just breathe."

Using the Strappleberry Lime kit. Aqua brads from the pastel Elemetals pack. "M" from Enamel Monogram Charms. All found at Butternug Squash Designs.
Corner fold by Karah Fredericks.