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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

I'm officially obsessed with this kit and this black grid paper. Sorry all my lo's are looking the same. Since I got that new album I've been wanting to fill it up with lots of AAM lo's. lol. This was something I've been wanting to scrap...I TRUELY am a dork. lol. What do ya'll think of that chemistry symbol? Yay or Nay??? Hope you like! Journaling reads:I own a “the flash” t-shirt. I watch smallville [and I seriously like to]. I love science and learning. I spontaneously dance when no one’s around. I take self-portraits [probably more than I should]. I laugh at my own jokes. If I could still be a cheerleader, I would. I wear pajama’s in public [only on wal-mart trips]. I wear make
up just 2-3 days a week. I’ve eaten pizza, king cake, and chips for breakfast. I
color coordinate my closet by seasons of the year. I can’t set my alarm clock on anything but multiples of five. I go to car shows and I’m a die hard mustang lover. In Highschool I thought “copy and paste” meant printing out the document -cutting-and taping [seriously]. I use “like” - “shut up” - “know way” - and “awesome” way too much in daily conversation. I love lifetime movies [but that’s all women, right?]. I sing ridiculously loud in the car. I have conversations with myself. “Alone time” is fun for me. My idea of a great Saturday night is ice-cream and a movie.