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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer


Sean came into the house after playing outside COMPLETELY exasperated and ticked off. Huffing, Puffing and sighing deeply. I ask him what's wrong and he groans with frustration and says,
"I was TRYING to put birdseed on my head and it JUST KEPT FALLING OFF!!!!"
In his state of distress I try not to laugh right out loud, but HAVE to ask... "Sean...WHY are you trying to put birdseed on your head?"
He looks at me like I may possibly be the biggest moron in existence to even have to ASK such a stupid question and says,
"I wanted the birdseed on my head so that the chickadees will come and eat the birdseed and they would fly and land on my head!"
I tell him that chickadees will not do this even IF the birdseed would stay and he (who is now just plain ticked off at the birdseed thing AND at having a mother who CLEARLY does not know ANYTHING about birds) sneers and says,
"WHY NOT!? They have to eat, RIGHT!?"