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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Can I just say that I am totally addicted!!! I think the text says it all for this one:

"I have recently discovered that the real bugger about being a parent is letting go. I think it really stinks! Today Nate, you ventured a little further into our big, wide world on your own. After a week of convincing me, today you rode the school bus for the first time.

Of course this past weekend I was making sure you knew your bus number, knew your address and phone number, and had all the info you needed. Needless to say, you could definitely sense my anxiety. Last night at the dinner table I said, "Nate will you make me a promise tomorrow?" And you replied, "I promise I will come home, Mom." Too sweet.

You were very adamant about setting your alarm clock last night so that you wouldn't miss the bus this morning. When it went off, you jumped right out of bed and declared that you were ready to go. I had to remind you that you couldn't go to school in your PJ's and no breakfast. While getting dressed you asked for a quick breakfast so you wouldn't miss the bus.

Finally, it was time to go to the bus stop. Emily and I braved the 34 degree weather with you and eagerly (well kind of) awaited the bus. We were popsicles when the bus turned the corner! You was so excited as we met Miss Susan, the bus driver, and you found a seat. With a wave of the "I love you" sign, I had to walk down the steps of the bus and officially let go a little more.

So there we were... you on the inside of the bus waving goodbye and Emily and I on the outside waving back. The doors closed and off you went, into the big, wide world on your own.

I am so proud of your excitement and courage as you take your first big steps towards independence. And as the steps grow bigger and take you farther, remember that I will always be waiting to welcome you home."