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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is a busier page than I am used to doing, and I have also been brave and finally OVERLAPPED a photo!!!! (I'm so proud of that!) I really enjoyed making the title, and I can't believe that i've made another TAG - I've always liked them, but I'm putting them on EVERYTHING at the moment. The medal is a scan of the original, printed out and then coloured over with silver pen.

Journalling reads:

On Wednesday, 8th December 2004, we celebrated Sammy's Special day at the Nairne CPC. Sammy wore a special medallion for the day, which he helped to make. Mummy came in at 11am with fruit to share & some photos of Sammy. Jill Hardy talked to the class about Sammy from pre-conception, through to birth & how pleased we all were that he had arrived. We then talked about learning things like crawling, eating, & walking, right up to the very special little boy that we all know at kindy. Mummy couldn’t resist bringing in his new scrapbook page - finished the night before in honour of the event. Sammy then got to share around the fruit platter - Watermelon, Kiwi & Rockmelon, before it was time to pack up and go home.

Notice the scrapbook in the background of the photo!! lol

So what's the verdict - too busy? Just right? Not busy enough?