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The colors in this are a lot more brighter, IRL! This LO is for three challenges!! June Multiple Picture LO Challenge, June Color Challenge (red,orange, and yellow), and the ABC Embellie Challenge (alphabet stickers - title, buttons - all over, and chipboard - distressed red chipboard hearts). Here's a shocker - I didn't use any ribbon on this LO - that's amazing for me! This is Rowdy's 5 month page for his milestones. Journaling reads, "5/7/07 - Ate solid foods for first time in high chair! You had carrots (yummy) and pear juice. You are giggling a lot now - especially w/Daddy! You are starting to grab things if they are in front of you. Getting a bath every night now. You can sit in your walker now, but of course you aren't walking yet! We think you are starting to teeth! You can rollover from your stomach to your back. A small brown teddy bear is your favorite toy. Your hair color is changing to brownish -blonde. You weigh around 15 pounds now. Everyone says you are a happy and content baby!" TFL!