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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This was therapy for me, this lo has been a year in the making! This was a very tramatic time for Gary and I, but we survived to tell the story..... so here goes.

Journaling says:

7am on a dark cold morning, we were heading back home after
visiting mom after her heart attack. We were 250 kms, from Thunder
Bay (near Geraldton); the music was on; I was reclined getting some sleep.
All of a sudden I flew upright as we hit the Moose at 90km; she came thru
the windshield then rolled off. If Gary hadn’t reacted as quickly as he did,
I would have flown right into the windshield, as it came in the truck. Gary
was quick enough to undo his seat belt and lay across me so that wouldn’t
happen. I suffered a torn shoulder; abrasions from all the glass and whiplash.
Gary wasn’t hurt as badly, he had abrasions and mild whiplash. After a 3 day
stay in the hospital I then went back to Thunder Bay for 2 weeks to recover
then flew home. We had an angel with us that day; we shouldn’t have survived
the crash, and with so few injuries.
What a nightmare! Feb 20 2003