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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I made this layout about the day my first child was born and how incredibly beautiful it was.

Journaling reads:

The day I became a mother
I knew there would never be a more precious gift
I looked in your eyes and saw a glimpse of heaven
Your cry was the most beautiful sound I ever heard
Having you was my greatest wish come true

The day I became a mother
I found out what it was like to watch an angel sleep
I felt my love grow so much stronger for Daddy
You were apart of me I never knew was missing
I realized what it was to have meaning in life

The day I became a mother
In a moment, I had fallen in love all over again
I knew what it was like to live for someone else
My heart swelled with new and incredible emotions
I found hope and peace and joy lying in my arms

The day I became a mother
The most incredible day in all of my life
November eighth of two thousand and two
The day that you, Drake Iakopa, were born
Is the day I felt that I was truly born too