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You'll need about 3/4 yard (get a full yard to be safe) fabric and batting (~ 1/2 inch thick). Fabric should be cut into two 5 inch x 44 inch strips, 1 rectangle 17 x 25 inch and 2 rectangles 9 1/2 x 12 inch. (cuts don't have to be perfectly that size since there will be fabric to overlap the batting). Batting to be cut into 2 strips 2 x 44 inch, 12 x 18 inch rectangle and 2 rectangles 6 x 7 inch; As you see in the photo, iron the cut pieces of fabric (print side down), place appropriate sized batting piece in center and iron edges of fabric around batting. you can secure w/ a bit of glue from glue gun later if you desire though not necessary.