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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

You kept it to yourself. Did you did not want anyone to discover your sentimental heart? Well, I found out your secret and I love you more for it.
...it touches my heart to know you are attached by your heartstrings.

I was looking for something in my husband's work desk and found every single piece of art that my son ever made.

www.computerscrapbook.com products:
• Weekend Escape Flower and Tab by Correen Silke
• Cinnamon Elements – Staples, Paper clip and Note paper by Jen Reed
• Little Dude Patterned Paper and Tag by Jeanine Baechtold
Patterned Paper: Retro (www.littledreamerdesigns.com)
Cardboard Element: Out of the Box Overlay by Kate Pertiet (www.designerdigitals.com)
Swirl Stickers: Hayden by Faith True (www.thedigishoppe.com)
Brushes: Worn Part 2 by Jason Gaylor (www.designfruit.com)
Fonts: Susie’s Hand (internet), JF Ringmaster by Jessica Slater (www.dafont.com), Harting by Davis Rakowski (www.dafont.com), Quentin Caps by Dieter Steffman (www.dafont.com)
Photo Editting Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2