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Some of the amazing nature shots I took (except for the black bear pic - got that one off the 'net) on our trip into Canada. Journaling says, "So incredibly green. So many trees. Iíve honestly never seen anything like it in my life. I had never been across our Northern border before, so our excursion north to visit Melly was an eye-opening experience for me. Wisconsin was probably the cleanest, most natural place Iíd ever been, but it was nothing compared to the sheer breathtaking landscapes of Northern Minnesota & Ontario. There were pine trees and other conifers as far as you could see. Every curve in the road brought a new, sparkling body of water - usually with a couple of natural islands in the middle of it. The wildlife was everywhere. We saw more hawks & eagles than Iíd ever seen and I even spotted a bald eagle flying overhead! Our windshield was unfortunately covered with the remains of hundreds of butterflies by the time we reached Dryden. Deer wandered unfazed down the sides of roads & even tried to prevent us from visiting Tim Hortonís! On the 502 from Fort Francis to Dryden, there were innumerable beaver dams & lodges built in the
myriad lakes, rivers & swampy areas. We even were blessed to catch a glimpse of a black bear, confidentally ambling out of the forest to check & see what was lying in the ditch for him. I couldnít capture a photo quickly enough, but the memory is imprinted forever. I feel very lucky to visit such a stunning land, but glad to return to my suburban roots."

Using papers from the Woody paper pack and Seaside Vacation paper pack. Moose crossing sign downloaded from the internet.