Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Here is the left side. Just some of my favorite pics from the weekend that I picked out for my layout. Top picture is (l to r): Kia (dogparent), Sarah (SarahSarah), Susan aka Jubes (Jubilee) and Me. Middle picture is Sarah (left) and me! :)
Bottom picture is Kia (left) and Sarah (right) the middle is the chocolate angel food cake smores....mmmmmmmmmm!!! :)

This layout is inspired by a layout in the most recent issue of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine (July 2007?)

Here's what the journaling says:
Things I'll, food & MORE foodl; Archiver's and Hobby Lobby and Whole Foods [oh my!]; "what the h*ll is that smell?!?!"; finally meeting Kia, Sarah, Becky, Susan (Jubes) and Suzanne (Pinky)!; the BEST CHOFFEUR EVER = Pinky :); altitude sickness anyone?!; "Holy Cats!
heart Sarah....I heart me some Sares!; new friends = Cindy and Chris and Jennifer; BRITISH CHICK FLICKS w/ HUGH GRANT AND DERMOTT MULROONEY (*sigh*); Saturday night @ South Park Bowl; waking up way too early and going to bed way too late; "seriously...are we there yet?!"; Group Meals; relaxing massage (well, mine was anyway!)l "Tie a yellow ribbon around my chipboard 3" said by Kia, of course :), chocolate angel food cake moose was harmed in the making of said smores...HEE, HEE, HEE..."YMCA anyone?!" :)!; the yummy toffee that Becks brought for us!; 1,200+ songs on my iPod and all that plays is the dozen Michael Jackson songs?!; are those pine cones hitting the roof?!"; that darn crack along the upstairs bathroom counter & the heroic rescue of Sares' contacts!; "does anyone have a __**fill in the blank**__, that I can borrow?", laugh & learn & enjoy; meeting Danny Glover in the airport; meeting Sares and Pinky @ the airport!; Kia = my long lost sister?! :); "I've always wondered...what is in the shoebox of life?...Kia re that d*mn Barenaked Ladies sond...hee, hee, hee :); Has anyone seen my gameboy?; Pinky's laugh, Jubes' sense of humor; Becky's sweet smile and sarcasm, did I mention I heart Sares? And that I heart Kia and all the gals?!; the Old Navy Outlet & hanging out with Kia; April 26-29, 2007 @ Chocolate Moose Lodge, Fairplay, Colorado...cannot WAIT to do it again next year!!!!!!! :)