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Last month at Oscraps we suddenly lost a wonderful person and designer to a brain anurysm. I took this very hard due to the fact I was on her CT and was fairly close to her. I had never met her before, but it hurt just as much. I instantly began to think of how this could happen to anyone. And how we need to cherish the now and treasure each moment we have with those we love. She is the first friend i have ever lost, and i have changed my way of thinking on many things since. This was made for me to remind me of whats important when i get overwhelmed by lifes chores. When i made this for my husband and I, my hubby was feeling ill. We thought it was just aches and pains and he scheduled an appointment to get some medication to fix him up. Well, what we heard from the Dr instantly put a spin on our world as we know it. Jesse was told he had Lymphoma cancer and that it had infected several areas of his body. They are hopeful in that this kind of lymphoma is treatable with chemotherapy and radiaton. It will be a long road, but something we will do together. We are scared, but optimistic. Now, this page means something else. When i see this face, i will see someone who needs ME to be strong and caring.