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When I started working on this contest I couldn't decide what to do for storytelling. I was at my Mom's and she said, "Oh look at these pictures that your aunt sent me." I couldn't believe these wonderful pictures of my grandparents had just been sitting in an envelope somewhere!!! True story: When I finished this I had to take the picture then and there because my parents wouldn't let me take it home with me!!!

Here's the journaling:

"Neil Albert Sutton was somewhat of a wild child growing up. His reputation already wasn’t the best when, at 19 he was accused of being the father of the child of a young girl in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Being forced to go to court over the whole thing, Neil brought several young men who had “known” this young lady to prove his innocence. The story goes that the judge was a friend of the young girl's family and did not take well to Neil (with a less than perfect reputation himself) presenting this young girl in an unflattering light. He quickly ruled against Neil and forced him to marry the girl. Apparently, they never lived together and Neil began divorce proceedings as soon as he could after leaving the courtroom. However, his “bad boy” reputation was quite set after that.

With that little escapade behind him, Neil went on to meet a young girl named Evelyn Thomason from the nearby town of Hinton, Oklahoma. The Thomason’s and the Martin’s (Evelyn's mother's family) were fairly well off and considered high society in Hinton. Both families together worked several farms, therefore making what was quite a sum of money at that time. Eula Thomason, Evelyn's mother, was apparently not happy that her daughter had taken up with the wild child of Hydro, but in spite of this Evelyn eventually brought Neil home to meet her parents...

...and not only did Neil meet Evelyn's parents, but he met Evelyn's younger sister, Thelma. Thelma and Neil were the same age, and soon found that age was not the only thing they had in common. It was not long before Evelyn was in Neil's past and Thelma was Neil's new future. Neil and Thelma were married in October of 1942. These pictures were taken in 1941 while they were engaged.
Neil and Thelma had three children: Karen Kay Sutton Beaty (born 1943), Janet Dale Sutton Lowe (born 1945), and Ronald Neil Sutton (1951 - 1987). Neil, Thelma and their children lived on the same farm where Neil had lived since he moved to Hydro when he was about nine years old.

The wonderful thing about Neil and Thelma’s relationship is that the good girl forever changed the bad boy. They both had a reputation for never, ever talking bad about anyone. They were also known to be the couple who took care of things when there was an event in the community — from weddings to funerals the Suttons were there to help. Another wonderful woman, Mabel Lula Lowe who lived in Weatherford (11 miles from Hydro) knew the Suttons by reputation long before her youngest son married the Sutton’s middle daughter in 1967.

In that same year Thelma discovered she had a brain tumor. She passed away in 1969. Neil never really got over her death. The love they shared as the good girl and the bad boy was something that he could never duplicate, although he spend the next 12 years trying. Neil's heart problems were finally more than his body could handle and he died shortly after a heart attack in 1981."