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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

Lucky 7 Contest: Journaling: "Soldiers!" you said, with awe in your voice. Timid, but trustful, you stepped up and shyly requested a picture with them. The soldiers were everything a hero could be! Warm, welcoming and bigger than life! But best of all, as we walked away one soldier ran up to you, knelt down to eye level and quickly pressed a patch into your hand. "It's my combat patch" she said as she turned and started back to her group.
"Gift from a Soldier" represents humble gratitude to our military for all of the gifts they have given us to keep us safe and for one very special soldier for giving a little boy his most cherished possession.....belief in heros. July 4, 2007
Note: The patch is the actual one given to my ds during a July 4 celebration. He agreed to let me use it, we will now frame it under glass to protect it forever. TFL