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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer


We were planning our vacation when I got sick with Strep Throat. I was really ill for four days. We talked about going to Myrtle Beach. On the 2nd day of me being sick, Michelle went to the mailbox and found a brochure for Myrtle Beach. It was a brochure for the hotel we were staying at. She was so excited, she ran into the house. “Mom, Mom, I want to stay at this hotel in Myrtle Beach!” I told her that we were going to stay at the hotel with the water park.
She was so excited. 'How long are we staying there?' she asked.
'Six nights,' I replied.
'You mean six days, six nights, and six sunsets?'
'Yes,' I said laughing.
The next day I was shivering under the covers on the living room couch, when she came up to me and said in her sweetest voice, 'Mom, I want you to feel better more than I want to go to the beach.'
She was so sincere and just a sweetie.
'Oh my gosh, that is more than just about anything, Honey!'
'Yes, Mommy.'
I was better the next day. I think her sweetness made me well.