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Give a Cheer

I found a music-writing program on line, and managed to type out the tune (after figuring it out on the piano). I used the repeated lyrics as homemade background paper. I changed the photos to B&W. journaling:
I think I made up this little song. I started singing it while walking endless circles around the house with infant Susannah, back during her (first) "difficult period" in early 2003. I sang it while we walked, and while I rocked her in the rocking chair, and while I held her hand she fell asleep. I say "I think I wrote it" because I'm not 100% sure I actually made up the tune -- it just seems so "obvious." Still, I can't figure out where else it might have come from. I most certainly did make up the words, although that's clearly nothing to get too excited about! I am proud to say that it's become a real favorite around here. When Susannah became aware of the song when she heard me singing it to Nina, she started requesting it. Now, she sings it to herself and asks me to sing it to her. What more could a composer (or mom) ask for?