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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

i am blessed with a wonderful son in law, and wanted to do a lo about him. i listed words that describe him on the front, and this is the hidden journaling reads; it all began with a can of campbell's soup! i was sick, and miranda brought steven to our house for the first time, and he brough me a can of soup! i knew right away that he was brought into miranda's life for a reason. God sent her a strong, christian your man, but miranda wasn't the only one who fell in love with him!
in a world where many people are uncomfortable dealing with a special needs child, he always gave cara his undivided attention whenever she asked, listening to her, and playing with her. in fact, miranda would sometimes be impatient while waiting for him, because he was busy with cara!

not long after they began talking of marriage, i said to him," you know if you marry miranda, you may have to take care of cara", and he replied, "why do you think i'm marrying miranda?" at that moment, he completely had my heart.
on their wedding day, we were overcome with emotions, seeing him, and his love for her so obvious. even though he already knew she was 'high maintenance", and he married her anyway!
He has blessed us by his quiet strength and his walk with God. He has overcome many of life's hardest lessons early in life,, and he lives his life to honor Christ. we are proud to call him "our son."