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I would like some help with this layout. The photos of artwork are all printed on transparencies.

Journaling reads:
My trip to MOMA was so fascinating. Dawn, Heather and I have always taught our students about the Masters of art. It was our chance to see some of the masterpieces that were not housed at the Art Institute of Chicago, our hometown art museum.

Since Claude Monet is my favorite artist, I was thrilled to see a huge mural of the water lilies from his garden. There were many other Monet pieces displayed as well. The colors were just so warm and soft. They really invoke feelings of peacefulness.

Paul Cezanneís Still Life with Fruit was gorgeous. His paintings of different places in France were really intriguing and sparked a lot of emotion from within. Heather and I talked about how vibrant the paint colors seemed! They really drew us in.

Another of my personal favorites, Georges-Pierre Suerat, had a few paintings done in the style of pointillism. Of course, nothing compares to the beautiful A Sunday on La Grande Jatte at the Art Institute, but Evening, Hoenfluer, 1886, was very pretty. It amazes me that someone could create such an awesome work of art with tiny little dots!

I also found the Andy Warhol exhibit to be interesting. The Campbellís Soup, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis paintings were fun and exciting to see in person! Itís one thing to see these images in a magazine, but to be up-close and personal is just so different!

Picassoís exhibit was the biggest surprise for me. I didnít expect to see so many paintings in a style that seemed different from his usual mixed-up impressionist style. There were a lot of sketches and paintings of people that almost looked normal!

Jackson Pollockís work was so large and interesting too! One of his paintings was over 17 feet long and 9 feet tall! The grandeur of it was so awe-inspiring! I donít really understand his art, but MAN! It is cool to see!

I learned a lot about Vincent Van Gogh too. The audio docent spoke about Van Goghís trip to the insane asylum after cutting off his own ear, and how the Postman, pictured in his painting, was the person who stayed with Van Gogh upon his release. Having the opportunity to see The Starry Night was so cool! That was one of the highlights for me!

Then, of course, we had an amazing lunch at the outdoor cafť inside the Museum. The food was really good and the view of the tree-lined New York streets was breathtaking.

We had a wonderful adventure at the art museum in New York! Canít wait to take my family there someday.