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These are two separate layouts, although they both use the same paper.

Sorry on the tongue-tied layout it's hard to see the edges b/c of the black cardstock. Also the camera strap got in the pic a little but I am too stinking tired to do anything about it! LOL

Journalling for the tongue-tied LO is under the pics and says:

"when you were a newborn the doctor in the hospital told us that you were tongue-tied. The little flap of skin under your tongue was attached all the way down to your tip, and you wouldn't be able to stick your tongue out all the way. Dr. Holmes kept an eye on it as you grew, but it never affected your ability to eat or talk. When we took you to your two-year checkup, she decided to refer you to a specialist about your tongue. She said that since you were really learning so many new words and sounds that it might be better to get it clipped so you would learn to speak properly. Dr. Rinehart (the specialist) left it up to us whether you should have the surgery, and we decided to go ahead with it. As the days got closer to the day of your surgery, I realized that in a way I was sad that they were "fixing" your tongue. That silly little tongue was such a part of you, and I wasn't sure I wanted it to change. I had to get out the camera and get a few last pictures of your attached tongue! Maybe someday you'll understand-- as parents we find all change bittersweet, from the big things like starting school to the little things like fixing a little physical problem. I think in my heart I always want you to stay the same. But I am so glad to see you growing into such a nice little boy. I love you so much Ryan Joseph, and I know that once your tongue is "normal" you will find many other ways to express your unique personality!