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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This pic was taken on the airplane as my daughter slept on my lap. She had the hardest time falling asleep and finally asked for some music which made her drop off in a snap! :) Then the trick was to get my camera out from under the seat in front of me without waking her up! TFL!
Poem Reads:
Sleep, Baby, sleep,
Dream, Baby, dream,
Dance in the starlight,
Swing from a moonbeam.
Imagine the things
You'll grow up to be,
Create your own world
In still reverie.
Play on the playgrounds
You're meant to explore,
Sail all your sailboats
To faraway shores.
The future is yours, Baby,
To have and to hold,
Take hold of your fancies;
Be strong and be bold!
Sleep, Baby, Sleep,
Swing from a moonbeam,
Tomorrow's your future,
So Dream, Baby, Dream.
By: Shaunna Farral
Date stamp reads: sweet dreams emily july 2007