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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

journaling reads:

Children are indeed a blessing. Sometimes when Iím the frustration portions of motherhood, I have to remind myself this is a blessing, but Ben & Rebekah are the joys of my life.

Ben is 10 years old now and racing towards his teen years so quickly. I have to remind myself I did the same thing with needing to grow up to fast. Ben was my buddy when he was younger. Since I had him when I was young and single, we went through a lot together but were very close. Itís a bittersweet thing to watch Ben grow up and start pulling away from my safe apron strings. I was his biggest influence and still am his biggest cheerleader. I am responsible for how he turns out. What an honoring and nerve wracking role I have as a mother.

Rebekah is almost 2 years old. I am happily married to her daddy. My (usually) wonderful husband, Danny, and I easily conceived Bekah after only two months of marriage. Finding out we were expecting was fantastic news. I then endured a really tough pregnancy which made us want this baby girl even more.

Bekah is now an active 21 month old toddler. Whew! What a job! I stay at home with her and donít have to miss any milestones or firsts that I did with Ben. I get all the adventures from hearing ďHey, momĒ dozens of times a day, applauding when she successfully poops in the toilet, and my favorite Ė the affectionate hugs and cuddles numerous times a day.

No one said that blessings donít come with a price. Looking at my children though, my little blessings are priceless.