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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

To remind me to keep Hope alive. The pocket holds journaling. The ribbon slides off to open and read. I couldnt get it to fit on the page so this was my solution. The more I look at this Im thinking the ribobns should be white. I think I've deciede to go back and tie white ribbons on these after I buy some white.

It reads: I must admit, many times I thought it would never happen. I was angry at the world for denying me something I wanted and desired above all things in life. I had a loving husband and many material items, yet my life never felt complete. I had so many questions all beginning with what did I do to deserve this? Each time I fell pregnant, I was on cloud nine! But I then spent each hour of everyday that followed, waiting for it all to be taken away from me yet again. Knowing it would happen was something I feared, yet also came to expect. At times I wanted to just give up because I didn't want to endure this pain over and over again. I thought maybe I didnít deserve to be a mother, maybe it was because I wouldnít make a good mother. Was I too selfish, stupid, naÔve, greedy, did I not have the love in my heart to give a child? Did God have other plans for me? Each time I seen a pregnant woman or a newborn baby my heart would be filled with jealously and hate. I was becoming a bitter person. People would say to me if its meant to happen it will, and have you considered adoption? (Words never to say to a woman suffering miscarriages.) Those are words that can break your heart all over again. I know these comments were made in effort to cheer me up and give me reason, but they did just the opposite. Somewhere in my mind I held on to a little part of me that said someday it will happen. You will be a mother with time. Maybe not on my time table, but my life is suppose to be shared with a child. My husband on the other hand never had doubt and continued to assure me pretty much daily that we would have a child. My little sister even offered to carry a child for me. Which I was thankful for, but I wanted that experience. Does that make me selfish? Come July of 2006, after another miscarriage (# 4), I had finally given up on this dream ~ it wasnít going to happen. This is when I meet a wonderful lady named Judith online at Scrapbook.com. She had faith when I had nothing left to give. She assured me I would have a child someday without knowing me at all and reminded me to keep faith and hope alive. She began knitting my future child an afghan of faith, and prayed daily for me to be blessed with a child. God works in mysterious ways because tonight my beautiful precious son, is fast asleep in his crib. I can spend hours standing at his bedside watching him sleep. I honestly believe that her prays are some of the reason I have my son today. I will forever believe in Miracles. He is my miracle baby.