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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling: What a wonderful week we all had when Shaelee came! We managed to go to Waterworks Park, Aunt Beckiís House to swim, Chuck E Cheeses, Kids Kingdom, Burger King Play Place, the Sundial Bridge, Shasta Beauty College (to get a head full of corn rows) a list of pet stores to check out the local critters, and finally the Turtle Bay Museum. When Aunt Gay and Uncle Guck were at work it was up to Bri and Brooke to entertain Brayde and Shaelee. These picture are of Shae, Bri and Brayde at Turtle Bay and a shot of the girls at the Sundial Bridge. Thank you Nick and Dave for allow us the opportunity to enjoy our little girl. Now we just canít wait for Alexa to come. 7/07