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Our Christmas in July Celebration is Going On NOW
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Here's another LO I completed for my LSS Design Team in which we needed to create a LO that spoke to our HOMETOWN. Journaling Reads:

The first word that comes to mind when I think of my hometown is safe. I grew up in the suburbs of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – a community stuck somewhere between the state’s capitol and Chocolatetown USA. My hometown could be compared to middle America, definitely suburbia and perhaps a bit like Mayberry.

Through the eyes of a child, I saw my hometown – my world, a limited exposure to the real world, as picture perfect. Scenes of playing make-believe in the backyard below the kitchen window, catching lightning bugs with my trusty bug catcher (only to be found by my mom during the following year’s spring cleaning – oops!), constructing snow forts that were loss only to the warming sun are all memories that I carry with me from my hometown. My snapshots, my memories may not be specific to the asphalt and concrete that create my hometown, but these are the images that fill my mind.

I am unable to recall my hometown without thinking of those who I shared it with – my family. We were and still are a family of four. My mom and dad were the quintessential parental front with mom being the stay-at-home-mom, the June Cleaver-type awaiting my arrival from school with milk and cookies while my dad worked in the “city” as a CPA. My older brother was the brainy one while I was the one that exercised the “other” side of the brain. Family memories of moments shared in our hometown include surprise trips to my dad’s office to watch the Independence Day fireworks, annual fall foliage pilgrimages to the surrounding mountains, summer afternoons at the community pool and day trips to the local state parks.

Oh, I suppose I could recall historical moments that are specific to Harrisburg – but as a child, those memories are far too cerebral, too intangible to remember as my memories. My memories of my hometown are just that – mine.