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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I humbly resubmit this one for the 2nd chance contest because it is one of my favorite memories. It is such a cute story and just look at that little face and the "I voted" sticker in the picture.

I originally submitted it to the November stamping contest. The stars are from a stamp of 3 stars. I had to position the stamp just so to get the coverage I wanted. I like the way it turned out (after 2 failed attempts :) ). I also used stamps for the title and used red, white and blue color combo to go with the motif. I love the star brads and the ribbon. I think this LO is cute, well put together, and did I say cute? Thank you for your consideration.

This is Dominic who turned 2 in Ocotber.
Journaling reads:
You were excited to go to the coMMunity center with me so I could vote in the 2004 presidential election.

When I asked you who you were voting for, you happily announced "CHICKEN", then you changed your mind to "TREAT", then to "ANDER", then to "ADRI", then to "DADDY", then back to "CHICKEN" again! You just couldn't seem to make up your mind.

I guess you were one of those last minute undecided voters I kept hearing about!